Muslim Rose Welfare Established in 2014

Muslim Rose Welfare is an international aid agency and NGO working currently in Pakistan to help those affected by natural disasters, conflict, poverty and health problems.

Some of our recent work included



Provided Fans to local Mosque where people and children’s were praying in 40-45 degree temperature without Fans.




Provided Jeahaz to poor families, and help poor people to get married and start their new life.



Created awareness about breast cancer and financially helped poor women to get the treatment they deserved.

We we installed 111 hand pumps in Therparker desert in Pakistan.

Some of our Project included

Here’s the Problem

Children are our future. But for many, that future is uncertain. Lives shaped by poverty, hunger, exploitation, abuse, natural disasters and lack of opportunity at a young age are indescribably distressing. Include the loss of love, support and comfort of family life and an orphaned child is the most tragic and poignant symbol of heartbreak imaginable.

We Need Your Help

You’re reading this because you share our concern to make a difference. You might also want assurance that supporting Muslim Rose Welfare will deliver real results where it matters: real sustainable improvements to children’s and widow’s lives.

There is Help

Muslim Rose Welfare is a leading, well-respected charity dedicated to improving and empowering the lives of vulnerable childrens,orphans and widows. A UK based organisation, we operate throughout the supporting thousands childrens,orphans,widows in pakistan in numerous ways. We need volunteers. Muslim Rose Welfare is not an emergency relief charity, we’re focused on sustainable solutions for our children and mothers. We carefully target our resources to obtain maximum benefits for as many childrens,orphans and widows as possible in our care. Through this focused approach we add value to our beneficiaries and donors.